Stefanie Alabastro, Founder and Co-convener of KinaBOOKasan

Stefanie Alabastro, best known as Stefi to her peers, has a passion for debate, public speaking, and reading, which exposed her to realities and issues of her nation. Moreover, volunteering in multiple social charity organizations and joining many outreaches, she became a witness to the shortcomings of the current public school education system. Thus, her desire to teach students the beauty of the timeless literature pieces was ignited and led her to become an avid advocate and speaker for education.

Patricia Tamesis, Programs Head

Patty Tamesis’ exposure in writing for publications such as the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Total Girl Magazine Philippines developed her passion for reading and writing early on. In her teens, she was immersed in various community involvement endeavors which sensitized her to the needs of others and taught her how to engage and connect with different kinds of people. These two passions combined resulted in her desire to share her love of reading and writing with others.

Ysabelle Ilustre, Logistics Head

Ysabelle Ilustre, also known as Ysa, has a passion for service and social action, which is reflected on her 5 year experience as a Comminity Involvement Committee member and 2 year experience as the Community Involvement Committee Head of her school. Her advocacy on better public education is what motivates her daily.

Dani Antonio, Logistics Head

Dani Antonio has the greatest drive to serve and help others. She has volunteered, initiated, and advocated for many organizations in the Philippines – one of which being: KinaBOOKasan. Her passion for genuine service is what inspires and empowers her to not only lead, but form more leaders. However, this cannot be done without education; thus making this advocacy especially close to her heart.

Julia Yabut, Promotions Head

Ever since she discovered the world of graphic design, Julia has found what she truly loves doing. Now, she wants to use her skills for her passion to serve and advocate for others. Through this and KinaBOOKasan, she hopes to make world a better place one step at a time.

Janna Legere, Finance and Sponsorships Head

Janna Legere, passionate about her advocacy, believes that it is a must for the youth to have access to quality education. She believes that education is the key for these kids to achieve their dreams. Inspired by her passion for serving, she is driven to step up, take action, and provide better education for public school students.