The Story of KinaBOOKasan

Books hold magic like no other.

The ability to be in two different places at the same time and to be a different persona are only found in books. One can be a wizard, a superhero or whatever you desire in whatever universe you wish. We discovered this realization when we were young. In reading books under the covers of our beds, we found magic.

For Stefi, it started with mere picture books. Just seeing stories evolve in front of her eyes had started her desire to immerse herself in the world of reading. Her curiosity and desire to new things had left her always wanting for more stories and more books. Now, she has graduated to reading novels and historical fiction and the best gift to give her still remains to be a book.

For Stella, it started with her mother buying her one book every week. It was the highlight of her week and was something she always looked forward to. Until now, she is an avid reader of many genres and is proud to say she has bookshelves filled with books.

Now, we wish to share that magic with others. Combined with education, the forefront of our foundation that develops us to unlock the potential within all of us, we have set out on a mission to teach those who have less or no access to books. With the teaching of classic books made by amazing authors in their eras and other initiatives, KinaBOOKasan was created with the hope to bring the power of books and quality education to our youth in the Philippines.

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