Si Annie, Ang Bayani: Tugon Ateneo Adoption Awareness Month Children’s Book

KinaBOOKasan is a proud supporter and endorser of the Si Annie, Ang Bayani Book published in light of the Adoption Awareness Month of November.

What does it take to be a hero?


Meet Annie, a lonely child living in an orphanage by the sea, and an adventure on a magical ship that leads her to discover the values of courage, friendship, and imagination. Join us as Tugon Ateneo presents its very first children’s book for this year’s Adoption Awareness Month! All donations for this book will be forwarded to Tugon’s partner childcare areas: Cribs Receiving Homes, Concordia Children’s Services, and The Meritxell Children’s World Foundation for the children’s essentials (e.g. medicine, diapers, etc.).

Get a copy of our book at our book launch this November 23, Saturday, in the 5th Floor of the Rizal Library from 9 AM – 12 AM!

For 150 pesos or more, you could donate to our partner areas by pre-ordering a copy of the book at:

Like our Facebook page for more updates!

Special thanks to:
Aksyon ng Kabataang Organization
Heights Ateneo
UP JMA Kids Program
UP Volunteers for Children

Poster by China Palanas

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