Your Ticket to Opportunities

By: Zoila Caga

Have you ever been amazed by children? Has their fascination for every little thing ever put a smile on your face? Its like a whiff of fresh air to see such a young & innocent soul so eager to learn. You look at them and think to yourself, Wow, that kid has got a whole world ahead of them to explore.  Imagine that used to be you, you were once that energetic and naive kid. Now you are older, more mature — probably still naive with a little less energy, but you have definitely grown. You understand the world in a deeper sense. You can even see it in multiple perspectives, but you would not have been able to comprehend anything the way you do now if it were not for learning the basics of reading. 

Things that may seem simple, such as reading are difficult for many adults due to their lack of education. Numerous people do not have access to education for a variety reasons. One being that children are forced to work at an early age to provide for their family.  They grow up helping their family instead of going to school. As much as parents want to teach their children, some of them also grew up without a proper education. They cannot give what they do not have. Despite that, countless of parents aspire to give their children the education they deserve.

Education is a gateway for opportunities. In school, children are taught to read and write. They are taught different skills that give them the opportunity to discover their talents. Thanks to education, children have an avenue to let their capabilities grow into something bigger than themselves. They are able to gain more knowledge about the world and themselves, which they can use to build a better society. 

Though it feels like school is just part of our daily routine, in the eyes of many, education is their ticket to success or what people say, “a better life”. Let’s be realistic, people without education would have a harder time finding a well-paying job. Most of the work these days requires one to be certified. Companies, hospitals, institutions among others will not accept a person who does not meet any of their qualifications. Education is the first step to meeting that qualification. This is why parents work so hard every single day.They invest their time & effort into placing their children in good schools so that they can secure their future. 

This is the power that knowledge holds. Schools equip students with knowledge that they can further use for a greater purpose. Unfortunately, not all children have access to a proper education. Education has become immensely vital to society, yet children are still being deprived of this right.

Lack of education is not the fault of one but the responsibility of many. The KinaBOOKasan organisation seeks to develop students reading comprehension and critical thinking skills through the use of classic books such as The Little Prince. Through this, students will be more prepared for college, thus also creating a community that stresses the importance of education.

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