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The Meaning of our name

Kinabukasan (n)meaning future or tomorrow in the Filipino language

book (n) a written or printed work consisting of pages; or for us, an object holding knowledge and imagination 

KinaBOOKasan comes from the play of two words: the Filipino word for future (kinabukasan)  and the word book. This name came about because we realized the treasure trove of knowledge that books contained. With that knowledge comes the skills and dreams of the readers that can come to fruition in the future. Books, without a doubt, will help us in our future and KinaBOOKasan aims to embody that belief.

Stella Quimbo and Stefi Alabastro, Co-conveners

KinaBOOKasan is a community literacy project that focuses on helping public school students in Grades 9-12, who are interested in literature and are willing to learn. It is co-founded by Stefi Alabastro, a Grade 11-HUMSS 3 student of Assumption College San Lorenzo and Stella Quimbo, wife of Congressman Quimbo of the Second Congressional District of Marikina City and was launched on October 20, 2018 at the Concepcion Integrated School in Barangay Concepcion Uno.

Our mission is to pave the way for quality public education in the Philippines through enhancing public school students’ critical thinking and reading comprehension skills, teaching classic books such as the Little Prince, and other various intiatives.

KinaBOOKasan Literacy Program is registered and nationally recognized by:

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